Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Painted Armies

Do you mind if people use unpainted mini's? This topic cropped up on Dakkadakka and I was wondering how people felt about this topic.

The thread ( seemed to divide into 3 camps. 1 I don't care there just glorified chess pieces, 2 As long as progress is made I don't mind, 3 Paint your army or your not coming near my mini's!

Which category do you fall into?

Personally I believe that it's not hard to paint to a tabletop standard. A lot of people out there play marines (Ultrasmurfs rule the noob scene) and all you need to do with them is spray the in their base colour. But even if you collect a more complicated army there are plenty of ways to cheat to get models painted.

Now this may not be what some people are in the game for, but I look at people with seas of grey plastic and wonder if they are really that interestd in the army they are collecting, or are they just codex hopping because it's the latest shiniest thing GW are producing.

I don't expect everybody who plays to have a 100% finished army, I do expect however to see models which are at least primed.

When I first started GW used to state that all models used in their stores were at least primed (probably just to make sure they sold plenty of primer). Now it seems that as long as you can glue a set of legs to a base (or blu tac, I have seen this!) you can sit down and have a game. 

There seems to be a growing group of people who don't/won't paint their mini's which can be really confusing as this allows them to change what they are actually using without getting new models (all well and good, I understand having limited funds).

Come on guys if you want to play at least have some pride in your hobby and paint your army. Just because the 'eavy metal guys are awesome doesn't mean you don't have to try, nobody is expecting to see golden daemon quality painting on the table I would just like some effort spent on the models you spent £20-£30 on.
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  1. Doesn't bother me playing against none painted models. I time to time have some myself, but I always get them painted in the end. It's just pleasing seeing all paint armies and terrain on the table but whether the model is painted or not it still functions the same.

    Only thing I will say is if you're gonna paint them do it right or best you can. Ages ago I played this fella and he undercoated some Guard with white spray paint but it had runs in and hairlines of paint dripping off. I asked if he was gonna paint them and he said know he just sprayed them because people moan they are not painted but now they look even worse!

  2. I don't mind playing against unpainted models, but having said that - I also definitely admire a nicely painted army. By that, I don't mean perfectly painted models, but someone that has put some effort in, and cares about what they are doing.

    Unfortunately, I am one of those people who has a sea of unpainted minis, as after family and work commitments, I struggle to find the time to get much of anything done... Plus my painting is just plain terrible. Yes, I know it is easy to achieve a basic job, but I suck at even that (seriously - I am not having you on - I really suck). Regretably, this means I don't get to play as often as I would like, as I absolutely hate fielding unpainted models...