Thursday, 29 July 2010

So for today's post I thought I'd go off topic and talk about a website I tried today.

Having cooked the kids tea tonight I personally couldn't be bothered to cook anymore (I've got five hungry little noise makers). So when the wife suggested getting a takeaway I jumped at the chance.

I googled takeaways near where I live and found the above site. It allows you to place an order with a takeaway that delivers to your area, set what time you want it to arrive and you can pay when they bring it round (hooray).

I went for a mixed kebab and chips, oh my god the thing was huge I only managed half :0(.

But back to the site I would recommend this site to everybody as you don't need a menu, it's all on the relevant page, and it shows you exactly how much your order is.

Anybody else out there found a briiliant site they want to share let us know.

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