Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Painting Blood Angels

OK guys I thought I'd impart a little bit knowledge I have built up for painting Blood Angels.

So lets start with red marines.

I know this isn't a standard marine but the principles are the same.

Step 1
Undercoat the whole model using white primer.

Step 2
Base coat the armour Red Gore. 1 coat should do it. Don't worry about this being patchy as this will be covered over.

Step 3
Paint the armour Blood Red leaving the Red Gore showing in the recesses. Again don't worry about getting this perfect.

Step 4
Give the whole model a thin wash with Gryphonne Sepia.

Step 5
Highlight the raised areas with Blazing Orange.

Step 6
Glaze the armour using a 1:4 red ink water mix.

This is a relatively simple way of painting red, but if you look at the picture it actually works pretty well without your model turning pink or orange.

I don't thin my paints as I don't really have time or space, it also means it only takes 1 coat of each, but if you do you may need to put a couple of layers of Red Gore or Blood Red on to get the desired colour.

Sanguninary Guard

First undercoat the whole model using a black primer

The armour

Step 1
Base coat the armour Tin Bitz

Step 2 
Now paint it Dwarf Bronze remembering to leave the Tin Bitz showing in the recesses.

Step 3 
Highlight with Burnished gold.

Step 4
Finally give the armour a wash of Gryphonne Sepia.

The wings.

Step 1
Base coat the wings with Codex Grey.

Step 2
Paint the wings Skull White leaving the Codex Grey showing in the recesses.

I used the first technique to then paint the red shoulder pad and the axe. The face was done by painting it with Elf Flesh and then giving it a wash of Gryphonne Sepia.

I hope these tips help as I know how much of a pain it can be to get red to work. Let me know what you think.

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