Monday, 8 November 2010

Kroot are they worth it?

So I have started a Tau army and a lot of people on dakka have suggested that I would be better off spending  points on kroot instead of getting more fire warriors.

Now although this is no doubt good advice to a noob Tau player, I personally don't see the logic in spending points on units which aren't going to do much. Now the common thread is to use them as a meat shield for the heavy support units, but disruption pods will give the cover save at range. 

So the big question is why spend over 100 points on a CC unit which will not get into CC and just act as sand bags for the bigger weapons.

Having had a look at the stat line for kroot I personally believe that if they are engaged in close combat by a dedicated assault unit they are going to get wiped out by superior troops. 

They also have no armour as standard but can be upgraded to a 6+ save, this seems a little pointless as most weapons are at least AP6 which begs the question why bother. These guys are going to be shot to pieces in one good volley of bolter fire.

So in summary why spend points on
  • a CC unit which will die in CC without doing much damage
  • a unit with little or no armour to protect it from incoming fire
  • a CC unit which cannot take a transport to get it into the fight intact
Please somebody enlighten me as to why these guys are worth the points and effort.

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  1. They don't fit into every army or playstyle, but they can work. Definitely don't bother with the armor upgrade. The more woods you play with, the better Kroot are of course.

    -Deployment options - infiltrate/outflank.
    -Cheap scoring unit that can go to ground in woods for a 2+ cover save, or just get 3+ in woods normally.
    -Most of the time, the enemy will manage to get into contact with something - better it be Kroot than a battlesuit team or something.
    -With 2A from the kroot rifle (3 on charge) and kroot hounds a big unit can actually be pretty dangerous. Hounds hit at I5, weakening enemy, then when enemy retaliates, take hits on the hounds, leaving kroot at full attacks when they get their turn. No grenades, but no problem if going through woods.
    -They won't tear up dedicated assault troops, but can do a good job against the enemy schlubs that would still tear up other units. Better to have a Kroot squad take out that 5-man marine squad rather than let it meltagun one suit and PF another.

  2. Thanks for the info :)

    Don't think they are for me. I don't use woods when fighting so I wouldn't get any of the bonuses and just suffer all of the drawbacks.