Friday, 17 September 2010

Time to Reflect

I've been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks, real life and large amounts of work on my models have kept me away from my keyboard.

Let's take a look at what's been going on while I've been hiding away from the interweb.

For a start having completed my bolt pistol experiment, I didn't expect to getting any more stuff for quite a while, how wrong was I :0)

I managed to get 25 more assault marines which brings me up to the right number for my list, finally! No more proxy assault squads yippee. These are now all put together with the right weapons options and undercoated so all I've got to do now is get them painted to tabletop standard.

Then the wife kindly (grovel, grovel, beg) bought me a realm of battle game board and an imperial sector. So as you can imagine I've been working pretty hard to get it all done, just got two tiles left to finish and then it's finished. The imperial sector is now all built it just needs painting.

Add on to the top of all this the day to day grind of family life and you can see why things have been quiet on here for a couple of weeks.

As a lot of readers of Imperius Dominatus will know I've had a few games with Mark during this time as well, sorry I haven't done any battle reports but I just haven't had time to sit down and write them.

As soon as I have finished all the new stuff I'll post pics for you all.

On to a different matter (rant incoming) I would like to know what the fuck is going on with Dakka (I know I shouldn't be surprised really). Mark seems to getting a lot of hate for playing games against me and winning. Not only this but the geniuses out their in web land seem to think giving lame suggestions and then bitching when they are shown they are wrong is the best thing to do. 

One of these great suggestions was to put a single pred into a jump list, WTF????? How stupid can you get, anybody who knows what they are doing is going to jump all over that one tank and smash it before it even has chance to earn it's points back.

The Internet giving morons a voice since 1994 lol.

Thanks for being patient guys, normal running will resume soon, kids are back at school and just a little bit of modelling left to do (slight understatement).


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  1. Dakka is home of the stupid, Warseer is home of the ones with 0 I.Q