Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Finished Bolt Pistol Build

So I posted a few days ago that I was building my own bolt pistol, this is what I did.

Now I know it isn't perfect but I'm on a strict budget so I had to use whatever materials I could scrounge from around the house.

Step 1

The first stage is probably the easiest. Buy a Nerf N-Strike recon should cost you around £21.50 here in the UK. I got mine from Smyths. Then all you have to do is remove all of the writing from the slide mechanism.

Step 2

Now that you have finished with the slide you need to box in the tube section on the back of the weapon. You could remove this but when the pistol is cocked the firing mechanism is pushed into this section, so if you do this it will no longer fire (we all know it is far more fun if you can still pepper the target with foam darts).

I used an old DVD case cut into sections and then glued into place on the back. I left the back open as I didn't want to risk getting glue into the mechanism. This structure was then covered with duct tape just to hide the mechanism fully without risk of fouling.

Step 3

Again a really simple stage. Cut a piece of card big enough to cover the Nerf logo on the sides of the pistol.

Step 4

At this point I decided i wanted to add a scope just to give it a bit more bulk and as a way of avoiding the headache of trying to build the foresight unit. So I used the tactical light which you get from the recon set.  Because of the way you cock the pistol the foresight unit would have been at risk of breaking off each time you pulled the slide back.

I also had a dive through my bits box for suitable bits to attach to give it a bit more personality.

Step 5

The whole weapon was sprayed black using citadel chaos black spray, but any spray paint or primer could be used this just happened to be the one I had at the time. Don't forget to mask off the end of barrel, and the end of the sight unit (it's a torch!) Don't worry about being perfect because you can always use your collection of paints to fill in any gaps.

Step 6

 I decided to change the shape of the magazine at this time. All I did was to simply cut the shape out of thin plastic (I used an old DVD case again), then I simply used duct tape again to cover any gaps and bulk out the shape.

When you do this there is a ridge on the magazine DON'T go above this line as the magazine will not fit into the pistol.

I then painted in the detail on the weapon.

Step 7

The finished weapon. I gave mine a coat of Plasti-kote just to toughen up the paint job. Although I found that cocking the doesn't scrape the paint. The only problem I found was that the the spray paint doesn't adhere to the duct tape too well but the Plasti-kote seems to fix this problem.

OK so I'm not the best modeller in the world, but I'm pleased with the result and again I was on a tight budget so once I had bought the gun and then the Plasti-kote I had to use whatever I could find.

Let me know what you guy's think.


  1. where's the chainsword (hint,hint);)

  2. Depends on when I build the power armour to go with this first project.

    Watch this space.

  3. I like. Could also make for a great scout boltgun...

    Now you need to model all your marines to have matching bolt pistols... :D

  4. The original set comes with a barrel extension which could be used to make a bolt gun (hmmmm might be worth begging the wife and having another go..... wife says no :0( )

    If I had the parts I might give the conversions a go.