Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Daylight Robbery (I'm not talking about GW prices)

I got a text from Mercer earlier saying he had done me a killer list for my Blood Angels, which should shut up those annoying morons who seem to hate his battle reports against me.
Many apologies for the content theft, but all things are fair in blogging and war. LOL

I built this list with Justicar Alaric in mind. Cheers Mark all the I need all the help I can get. Not that I'm arsed but mardy dicks on Dakka Dakka keep moaning how I win by "a landslide". That's Dakka Dakka for you 14 year olds with keyboards. Well, Kris, here's a kick ass list (yes I am blowing my own horn not a pleasant image LOL) which I think will not only beat my Imperial Fists or give them a run for there money but I reckon will take on all comers, perhaps give it a whirl Saturday? Anyway, enough chin wagging yeah come on we're all getting bored now hehe:

Blood Angels "Packs & Missiles" - 2,000 points


Reclusiarch - jump pack The bonus is good but you're only going to get it on the charge. Libby with Unleash rage would allow me to use the bonus every round.

Honour Guard - jump packs, 4 x meltaguns & power fist No comment needed.


2 x Sanguinary Priests - jump packs Never leave home without them.

Chaplain - jump pack Cheaper than the Reclusiarch but again the bonus is only going to affect my guys if I get the charge. The fact my guys are fearless is a bit of a double edged sword, yes they are going to stay in the fight but there is a chance I'm going to lose extra men if I lose the combat.

Chaplain - jump pack


10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist 235 points of assaulty anti-tank goodness.

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x meltaguns - sgt w/ power fist

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x flamers Not too sure about these guys flamers are good against hordes but I'm not sure they are going to have as big an effect on space marines.

10 x Assault Marines - 2 x flamers

Heavy Support

5 x Devastators - 3 x missile launchers  Versatile heavy weapons but I'm not sure they are going to hurt your Land raiders 6's to glance :0(

5 x Devastators - 3 x missile launchers

5 x Devastators - 2 x missile launchers

Total: 2,005 points OK so for a friendly game we aren't too worried about being exact but if I come up against the local TFG I'm screwed. You can be under but not over sorry. (I'm not being ungrateful but I got a real ear full from the local blackshirt for using a list that was 3 points over)

Reclusiarch gives re-roll to hit on the Honour Guard. I did have a Librarian as a epistolary with unleash rage and blood lance but the Honour Guard have enough anti tank and the Reclusiarch can give re-roll to hit for cheaper. If you drop the Epistolary upgrade you can get him cheaper and still rain down the hurt in CC. To make it more goodie I've thrown in a power fist on the H.G it takes the list 5 points over, get over it, this allows the H.G squad to be slightly more threatening when charging and re-rolling to hit! Oh that power fist becomes S10 too thanks to the furious charge on the Priest inc the Honour Guard :) The power fist will actually be strength 9 (stength 4 basic x2 = 8 + 1 for furious charge) bonuses are added after the strength is doubled by a power fist or other similar weapon.

Priests go with Assault Squads while a flamer Assault Squad sticks close to the Honour Guard so they can tackle infantry out the transports. 

Chaplains go with the flamer Assault Squads after all it will be these facing against infantry and in combat more than the melta units which are tank busting.

Devs are the long range anti tank dropping missiles down at whatever is needed. Minimum is two missiles which have got to do something, serious business and only 110 points a squad.

Tactics are simple with this army. Pop it all on the table and use terrain to block LOS. Move forward 12" using the packs and then run to get into range. Use the Devastators to pop armour and by turn 2 the Angels should be able to assault, hopefully. It will end up being a game who can assault who first but get them in a.s.a.p keeping them all in feel no pain range of the Priests should keep them alive longer. Amen to that brother! Let the "Dakkites" complain about this one - insert evil laugh here.

This list is a lot better than the ones I've used against him so far. I have a few minor concerns, but I think the best way to see how it runs is to give it a go. So Mark stand by I'll be using this list as is, that's right although I had a play with it on your blog I think I'll be using it in it's original form.


  1. Librarian does let you keep getting re-rolls vs Chaplain. But he is subject to a psychic test, and also vulnerable to psychic defense... Also FC + rerolls is brutal, so you shouldn't be stuck in combat for too long anyway...

    Ironically - you suggested dropping the Epistolary upgrade to make the Libby cheaper, but in the list you posted (on Mercers blog), you kept the upgrade anyway! Did you have a change of heart there Alaric?... :p

    Also, fearless saves shouldn't bother you too much anyway Alaric. 3+ is good protection, and I think you still get your FNP roll too...

    Also, the missiles aren't really there for Landraiders. That's what your melta is for. The missiles are there to interfere with things like Rhino/Razors and even Predators. Stopping a Pred or Dread from shooting (which is 5/6 results on the damage chart) is win... and 4/6 results stop transports from moving...

  2. I had time to think while I was putting kids to bed (sat down with a pad and pen and thought about it) and the Epistolary upgrade wasn't worth keeping.

    I was up late as well so I had chance to look at my options and at the end of the day (it gets dark LOL) I thought it better to use Mecer's list and see how it does. If it bombs (not likely Marks lists are usually pretty robust) at least I'll have a decent starting point (and somebody to blame haha).

  3. Justicar you use meltas on Land Raiders silly, not krak missiles!

    Switch the Reclusiarch with a epistolary Librarian with unleahs rage and shield of sanguinus, I've had a change of mind.

    Ah, but Kris you don't always play against Space Marines do you? How many Marines armies I got, two (Fists & Iron Warrors) so you need to cater against all kinds of enemies. Those flamers will cause massive damage on my Orks, Guard and Tyranids, something your fire power cannot handle normally.

    Oh, fearless saves, you get FnP anyway..

    I've sent you a updated list via e-mail but basically that's just got epistolary Librarian with shield & rage and all Devs have 2 missiles per squad. I think you should give that a whirl.

    Oh, disclaimer time lol. The list maybe decent but you still need tactics! It's not auto win because solid list but it increases your chances ;)

  4. But according to Dakka all you need is a good list LOL

    Spent most of last night thinking tactics and I'm pretty sure I've got a fairly good battle plan.

    I'd tell you but I'd have to kill you LMFAO

  5. Yeah, good lists auto - win, not! lol. Like I said they help and stack the deck in your favour.