Monday, 19 July 2010

So you're proud you're a Thief?

I was on Dakkadakka the other day just lurking around looking at what people were talking about, and I stumbled across a thread discussing people worst experience at a Games Workshop store. Amongst all of the horror stories of bratty kids and poor sportsmanship I found this;

Samus_aran115 wrote:
A couple months back, when I'd just started 40k, I played against a marines player who was running dreadnought swarm. He was drop podding them all in. So I ask him, "Hey, what the hell are you rolling first turn for? Deep striking units come in on the second turn!" He says "No, they have a special rule" 

I didn't play marines, so I had no idea how drop pods worked at the time. BUT THAT"S NOT IT! When he was deepstriking, he would never roll for scatter. I asked him why he wasn't rolling for scatter, "Yeah,uh, drop pods have a special rule." 

So yeah, naturally I lost the game, on account that it was my second game. It's okay though, I stole his kayvaan shrike model, Bwahahaha. Don't leave your HQ on the floor next time, douchebag!

Now I'm no legal expert but this is theft isn't it? More importantly this was posted onto a forum full of people who put some form of value onto the models they own.

The right thing would have been to hand this model in to the store so that it could be returned. But no this guy takes the model and then has the brass tacks to brag to the world about it.

It seems to me that things have changed a lot since I first got into the game, I can remember it being focused towards a community of gamers. Since the release of dawn of war and the mass marketing of the game it seems to me that alot of the younger gamers don't seem to have got that.

We now have the "win at all costs" gamers running the show.

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  1. WTF!? I've seen this guy on Dakka Dakka put up some weird army lists. I think he's about 10 lol.

    Firstly, dumb ass, ask to see the codex and when bitching about something research and ask if it's right first. Drop Pods do come in first turn, well half of them. And while they do scatter they will stop when hitting units or buildings etc etc.

    While you are both wrong I firstly suggest if you don't know nothing about Space Marines then keep it quiet.

    Second that's what is called theft. You even said you stole it. Didn't your parents raise you right? Was you raised by a pack of Wolves? You knew it was his and stole it. Thief!

    DoW has brought the younger games I believe. Shame they waffle online :(