Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sanguinary Guard are they really worth the points cost?

I got this pm from Mercer today:
The more I think it about it I think Sanguinary Guard aren't that cool. They're too expensive and get smashed easily :( Out of the two games you've used them they've only managed to pop a 35 point Rhino and wound a Greater Daemon...:(

Now this got me thinking while I was in the bath, which is strange for me because I normally do my best thinking on the toilet. But lets get back on topic.

Are Sanguinary Guard (and Death Company for that matter) really worth the points cost?

Let's start with Sanguinary Guard, they really do have the potential to a formidable unit. The only problem is you need to have Dante in your army to make them actually do anything. If you choose to deep strike them you have the problem of their small squad size so they have to be brought in well out of the way and hidden from your oppositions heavy weapons.

If you choose to deploy them normally you have to run the gauntlet of enemy fire and again their small squad size works against you.

When they do make it into assault you can bet that your opponent is going to have their best close combat unit ready to engage them as soon as he can. You would think that if they were the elite assault unit of the Blood Angels they would be able to do some serious damage but their default weapons aren't powerful enough to do the job.

Now for the Death Company I guess I don't really have to mention their cost. But to get them to actually get into the fight without becoming little more than a skirmish screen they need to placed into a transport which increases their cost even more. Now you can give them jump packs which would be a good idea if this didn't lead to them being shot to pieces before they get into range.

The rage special rule they have also leads to some serious problems because a smart opponent will use this to draw them out of cover and right in front of their big guns. Or just get them chasing their tails all over the place for the whole game.

So in summary I guess I'm trying to say that yet again the potential for producing two stand out units which perform impressively on the battle field has been hamstrung by over pricing the points cost and dumbing down their abilities.


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