Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Why do some people bother?

As many people who have visited this blog might have noticed I spend a lot of time reading through stuff on Dakka dakka, and one of the unifying things I have found across most of the threads is a growing number of kids throwing their opinions around without really having any real knowledge to back them up.

I have nothing against people having their own opinions and using forums to share them with the world. I just wish that they would think about what they write before posting it out there for everybody to read. It would just be nice to go on to a forum without having some total idiot mashing their keyboard to generate some ill advised piece of rubbish.

Here is an example of the sort of waste of internet space some of these people really are:
This is just a cool little bit of luck that I ran into while playing a teams 1000pt battle, here is what happened: 

I had my 20 boyz running across the map to help my warboss and nobz who were assaulting. I had 2 rokkits on boyz. IG sentinel was 20 inches away. fired two rokkits at it, rolled a six to hit on 1 the other missed. Then i rolled a 6 to wound and destroyed the sentinel. the IG player was pissseeedd, because he was going to attack my teamate's ripper swarms and gene stealers. 


To be honest this isn't the most stupid thing you will ever come across but I just don't see how something like this could really be of merit to the community in general. This was also the title post in the thread which really begs the question how dumb was this person.

Lets analyse the idiocy of this particular post.

1) The poster states that his boyz were running, and they were still able to shoot rokkits?

Come on I might not be the best player on the planet but I pretty sure if you run you can't fire.

2) He is amazed he managed to roll 2 6's, wow there is only a 1 in 6 chance of this happening.

Has this person never played a game with dice before?

3) 2 rolls and the sentinel is toast?

What happened to armour penetration?

4) His opponent was going to attack 2 separate units with the sentinel.

Hello it's not a fething land raider it can only fire on one target and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been able to wipe one of these broods out in a single round of shooting.

5) He then starts shouting instead of just asking the question.

Leave the caps lock alone you don't need it you just look like a complete moron with 0 social skills.

It's only taken this person 7 lines of text to make themselves look like a completely brain dead oxygen thief. Some people really need to look at what they write and think for a second whether the rest of us want to read it.

If this example wasn't enough to of an example of some of the idiots running wild out there I recommend going over to Imperius Dominatus and checking out some of the turnips Mercer has had to deal with.

In summary I suggest that some of the people out there think really hard before they start typing out some random collection of words that vaguely resemble the English language.


  1. Ack!

    I'm sure there's a good post in here, but I'm finding it hard to read due to the font.

  2. Sorry, I've changed the font hope that helps

  3. Ah, that's better, thanks.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. We were all young and excited once. It's just that now the kids are young, excited, and have keyboards and internet connections.

  4. Yeah excited + keyboard + internet = bad combo.

    Oh, that Sentinel would have done nothing and can only fight the Warboss or Nobz when going into assault and without a DCCW I fail to see what exactly it's going to do.

  5. I am thinking maybe he had a flamer (Sentinels can haz flamers right?) and was planning to toast some rippers and stealers that were in close peoximity perhaps?

    6 to wound? You don't wound Sentinels...

    Also don't rokkits have an 18" range? How does he shoot the Sentinel from 20"?? I could be wrong on that one as I don't deal with orks much, but I don't think I am...