Friday, 23 July 2010

Ultramarines The movie latest concept art released

With a star filled cast, an impressive (yet short) teaser trailer. And a level of anticipation peaking like my wifes need for Edward Cullen (don't even go there). We again get to have a sneaky look at some of the concept art for this epic in the making.
So whats new? This one's for you Mercer, they have announced that the Imperial Fists are going to star alongside the Ultramarines. With this information alone many people have started to get really interested, but today's latest update is a glimpsse of some of the artwork to go along with these yellow castle building marines.

So lets have a look at the yummy goodness that has been released.

If these images are to believed the film is going to reflect the dark gothic feel of 40k incredibly well. Lets just hope they can keep up the good work and produce something that 40k fans have been waiting for.

The only problem so far is the lack of a firm release date, the trailer states that it will be released in 2010 but gives no more information about the time scale left to wait.

The only real question left is what else do people want to see in this film? And which of the non-imperial forces will they be set against?

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