Sunday, 25 July 2010

Squad weapons options

I bought some more models the other day so that I could build a plasma gun wielding honour guard for my blood angels and it got me thinking.

Would any body else out there be willing to pay a little bit extra for GW kits if they came with all of the weapon options for a particular unit. A devastator squad would come with 4 of each heavy weapon for example. I know GW kits are already pretty expensive, but the advantages are huge. No longer would you have to buy 2 or 3 boxes to make one squad when you could just buy one.

Before the shouting starts I know that GW want us to buy more than we actually want, but for the vast majority of gamers it's just too expensive to buy them this way. It would also put an end to a lot of counts as during friendly games. The only people who actually go down the multi kit buy road are tournament gamers who have to have wysiwyg armies, the rest of us get by with what we can either swap, buy off ebay or just proxy.

From my own point of view I would be more than happy to pay a little bit more for an extra frame with the weapons/jump packs on. I also personally feel it would make more money for GW as they wouldn't lead to people going elsewhere for the parts they need. Who wants to pay out for a whole extra set just to get that extra power fist, or buy a complete force commander set just to get a combi weapon.

OK so they do metal plasma guns and meltaguns but at between £5 and £6 for 5 weapons I feel it's a bit of a rip off when it would cost a fration of that just to include them on the frames you get in the boxes.

GW already supply enough special weapons in the Death Company set, 2x Infernus pistol, 2x Hand flamer, 2x Plasma pistol. I would just like to see them do the same with the rest of their sets. 

Even if they only did it with the vanilla sets it would be good, alright you would still have to buy the chapter specific sets to customise your force but at least you would have the kit to fill out the options you want.

Does anybody else feel the same as me or am I alone in thinking this would be a good idea?


  1. ebay seems to be the way to go. I pick up all my extras from there. Sure you are paying premium. For instance I just paid $3 for a pair of SM lightning claws, and $3 for a pair (left and right handed) plasma pistols. But when that is all you need it works out cheaper. GW seem to be charging around $12-$18 per sprue so an extra weapons one wouldn't be cheap.

    I think what would be good is if they sold them separately as part of their bitz lines. I assume the reason they don't is the cost of making the molds for any bitz sprues is to high for the expected return.

  2. It would just be nice to go back to the good old days when you could mail order anything that GW produced or part of.